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In the kitchen with JOYÀ

Focus Superblend 15-serving pouch sitting on a kitchen countertop beside a wooden spoon and a woman holding a hot matcha latte in a clear cup
Aerial view of savoury granola in a glass mason jar with a silver spoon, and some granola scattered around on a white background.
Sep 30, 2018

Savoury Granola

We love granola in the morning as much as the next early bird, but granola isn’t just for breakfast. Use this savoury granola as topper for everyth...

Freshly baked gluten-free chocolate cherry tahini cookies with sea salt sprinkled on top.
Sep 11, 2018

Chocolate Cherry Tahini Cookies

These cookies fit the bill and also satisfy one of my ultimate goals: dessert that's so nourishing, you can eat it for breakfast.

A frothy bliss latte in a ceramic mug next to Joya's bliss elixir package, a crystal, and a blue napkin.
Sep 04, 2018

Adaptogenic Bliss Mocha

Laura Wright from The First Mess developed this luscious mocha using JOYÀ's Calm Cacao Superblend!

Five vegan cherry carcia creamsicles lie on a bed of ice drizzled with paleo chocolate and surrounded by black cherries.
Aug 27, 2018

Cherry Garcia Creamsicles

These cherry garcia creamsicles are sure to be the cherry on top of your day, especially when drizzled with a magic chocolate shell.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Magic Shell
Aug 27, 2018

Dairy-Free Chocolate Magic Shell

You’ll find many recipes around the web for magic chocolate shell, but we think we’ve nailed the winning formula!

Two glasses of vegan s'mores ice cream sundaes topped with a hot fudge drizzle and crumble gluten-free graham crackers.
Aug 23, 2018

S'mores Ice Cream Sundaes

Looking for a way to get your s’mores fill without a campfire? Dress up any ol’ vanilla ice cream with hot gooey fudge and graham crackers! Use thi...

Dairy-free golden milk popsicles rest on a bed of ice on a blue plate in a circle, with a glass bowl of bee pollen in the center.
Aug 16, 2018

Golden Milk & Bee Pollen Popsicles

If you like to consume your turmeric in the form of an iced latte, then these golden milk popsicles are for you. Stay gold, friends!

A tropical turmeric smoothie in a tall glass topped with bee pollen, next to a banana, coconut half filled with chopped mango, and a small bowl of bee pollen.
Jul 29, 2018

Tropical Turmeric Golden Milk Smoothie

Who doesn’t love to sip on smoothies that immediately transport you to a tropical paradise? This tropical elixir takes things one big step further ...