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Young tattooed woman in yogawear stretching in her apartment beside a plant
Overhead image of Matcha Latte with JOYÀ's Focus Functional Superblend
Apr 04, 2023

Does Matcha Have Caffeine?

Aside from its stunning color, matcha also has a unique, complex flavor profile and a multitude of potential health benefits along with being a gre...

Top Health Benefits of Chamomile
Jan 17, 2023

Top Health Benefits of Chamomile

Chamomile, a small white flower with a yellow center, used for thousands of years as a powerful herb for insomnia, digestive upset, skin ailments, ...

Top Health Benefits of Cacao Butter
Nov 11, 2022

Top Health Benefits of Cacao Butter

Cacao butter is a plant-based fat taken from the cacao bean during the roasting process. It adds creaminess and smoothness to both food and skincar...

Woman smiling while gently touching face
Sep 09, 2022

Daily Practices for Healthy Skin

Let's talk four daily practices for that healthy, inside-out glow. From dietary habits, clean beauty and skin care, daily sweat and hydration, we c...

Everyday Joy with Hilary Brent
Jul 28, 2022

Everyday Joy with Hilary Brent

Holistic Chef, Nutritionist and Founder of @therootedtable Hilary Brent sat down with us to talk about the power of daily "micro" habits, the magic...

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