Apr 08, 2024

Top Health Benefits of Tremella

Top Health Benefits of Tremella

Scientific/Latin name: Tremella fuciformis

Also known as: silver ear, snow mushroom, snow fungus

Native to:  Native or natural habitats are mainly tropical and subtropical, but they extend into temperate areas in Asia and North America.  Tremella is known throughout South and Central America, the Caribbean, parts of North America, sub-Saharan Africa, southern and eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Parts used: Fruiting body 

Top benefits: Immune Support, Skin health, Antioxidant-rich 

Tremella mushroom growing on tree

Tremella, the ultimate Glow-getter 

Although it may not be the first functional mushroom that comes to mind, tremella is a small ‘shroom growing in popularity. This jelly-like fungi has been around for centuries in both medicinal and culinary worlds. 

As reishi, lion’s mane, chaga, and cordyceps learn to share the main mushroom stage, more beauty and health enthusiasts will become familiar with tremella’s immune supporting, antioxidant-rich and skin loving benefits.  

More on terrific tremella below. 


Tremella is a genus of fungi in the family Tremellaceae with over 100 species of Tremella recognized worldwide. The species tremella fuciformis is a soft white gelatinous mushroom that looks like translucent seaweed or coral, native to tropical and subtropical regions. 

The fruiting body of the tremella mushroom  is primarily used for medicinal properties and is commercially cultivated for food. It is rich in polysaccharides (long carbohydrate chains), protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, and triterpenoids and chitin — both components of mushroom cell walls being studied for potential benefits to our gut and immune system.


Tremella has been used in Chinese medicine and cuisine for centuries. These  jelly-like mushrooms have been used for their anti-aging, beauty-enhancing benefits as well as immune support, and disease prevention, and in Chinese cuisine, particularly in soups, sweet dishes, and desserts. Today tremella can be found in various body care products with  moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory benefits like skincare, toiletries, make-up and even contact lenses. 

Tremella Mushroom on plate

Health Benefits of Tremella Mushroom

If you search #Tremella on social media, you’ll probably come across numerous posts about its benefits for skin health and how it’s found in many skincare products. While that is true, Tremella also boasts many other benefits, such as supporting immune health and being rich in antioxidants. 

Let’s dive into the beneficial effects of Tremella: 


The immune system is your body’s defense system. It’s a network of cells, organs and even microbes that identifies bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and other pathogens, and eliminates them, or keeps them out of our bodies, to help fight and prevent disease. 

Multiple studies have shown that tremella polysaccharides play a role in regulating the immune system and activating white blood cells. In fact, in 2002, tremella supplementation was clinically approved in China to help elevate low white blood cell counts in patients as a result of chemotherapy and hepatitis. 

It is also believed that tremella supports immune function by promoting diversity of good bacteria in the gut. In an animal study, analysis showed that tremella could significantly increase good gut bacteria diversity and restore populations of beneficial probiotics like Lactobacillus and Odoribacter. Tremella has also been shown to help ease symptoms of medically induced colitis by increasing anti-inflammatory markers while decreasing pro-inflammatory markers.  

Tremella Mushroom


Before we dive into antioxidants, we first need to discuss free radicals, unstable molecules that cause damage to our cells. Free radicals occur naturally in the body as a result of metabolism and nutrient breakdown. They can also be produced when we're exposed to environmental and other toxins such as air pollution, alcohol consumption, tobacco smoke, and UV radiation, as well as due to periods of high stress, poor blood sugar regulation, exercise and poor diet. 

With that in mind, the high content of polysaccharides found in tremella play yet another important role in making this functional mushroom more than just a beauty ‘shroom. Tremella polysaccharides possess high antioxidant capacity, preventing free radicals from being formed, and removing them before they can damage important components of our cells. This is incredible news for overall health, including achieving glowing skin! More specifically, tremella stimulates the production of superoxide dismutase (SOD)—a vital antioxidant enzyme found  in both the brain and liver. 


Tremella’s most notable claim to fame is its affinity for skin. Whether applied topically or enjoyed as a food or supplement, this antioxidant-rich powerhouse can also help promote collagen production and reduce inflammation. Hello holistic skin care! 


Tremella’s polysaccharides are at it again! Tremella’s beauty benefits come from the fact that its biologically similar to hyaluronic acid — a substance naturally found in the body that helps lubricate joints and pulls and attracts moisture to the skin which in turn, can help with minimizing fine lines and boosting hydration. Because hydrated skin = Glowing skin. 

Multiple studies have demonstrated tremella’s potent skin benefits, including increased hydration, enhanced moisture and anti-aging. 


A 2017 study showed that tremella may have a protective effect on collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts.  Collagen is the protein that’s highly responsible for skin structure, firmness, and elasticity, but naturally breaks down as we age.  

While tremella has many skin healing benefits when applied topically, when taken orally it can promote the regeneration of collagen in the body (hello anti-aging!) and protect the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet rays.  


A 2022 animal study compared the use of tremella both topically and orally in atopic dermatitis —the most common forms of eczema— where skin becomes itchy, dry and cracked. Oral supplementation of tremella was more effective, particularly in reducing swelling and water loss of affected areas and reducing the overall inflammatory response.

In addition to being anti-inflammatory, tremella (along with other mushrooms) is the only source of vegan vitamin D— a fat soluble vitamin with potent anti-inflammatory benefits—making this essential vitamin beneficial for repairing skin from UV damage caused by excessive sunlight. 

Tremella mushroom

Terrific Tremella

Immune support, increased antioxidants, and GLOW-ing skin? Yep, we’d like some of that on the daily! Read on to learn how to add Tremella to your daily health, wellness, and beauty routine. 


Your holistic body and beauty routine just got a lot sweeter. Glow Functional Chocolate is the smooth, fudgy, bean to bar chocolate that helps you glow from the inside out.  

Along with tremella mushroom, this 73% cacao dark chocolate is also powered by schisandra, cacao, and cacao butter: the perfect blend of functional ingredients and nutrition to help promote skin health, fight stress and glow, glow, glow. 

Totally Tremella 

They say you are what you eat, so why not be an immune-strengthening, antioxidant-rich, and skin loving….jelly looking mushroom? Hey, we didn’t say jelly donut! 

With all of tremella’s important health benefits, it’s the perfect addition to your daily beauty and wellness routine. 

At JOYÀ, tremella is one of our favorite mushrooms. And we’re on a mission to spread the word, one chef-crafted, science-backed, functional chocolate bar at a time. 

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