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The JOYÀ Life

Welcome to the blog. Things are getting wild (crafted) up in here.

White mug of Restore turmeric latte sitting on a bedside table with an open book and candle beside it

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Matcha pudding

In the kitchen with JOYÀ

Recipes to take your JOYÀ experience beyond the latte. Let's get cooking.

Woman doing yoga outside

Wellness & lifestyle

Knowledge is power. Especially when it comes to your health.

JOYÀ Founder & CEO, Ruth Elnekave, standing in her kitchen

Ask Ruthy

You asked. Our founder answers. Time for a little 1 on 1.

chef ruthy's featured recipe

The berry good post-workout smoothie

Our founder Ruthy shares her go-to post-workout smoothie featuring blueberries, nut butter and a scoop of Superblend and it does not disappoint.

Scoops of matcha, turmeric and cacao powders on a beige background

what the function?

Functional Foods 101

Ever find yourself up at 2am, doom-scrolling on your phone wondering what makes functional foods different from superfoods or even multivitamins?

Then you've come to the right place.

you got this

Tired of boring smoothies?

We've unlocked the formula for making the perfect smoothie. And now it's yours.