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In the kitchen with JOYÀ

Focus Superblend 15-serving pouch sitting on a kitchen countertop beside a wooden spoon and a woman holding a hot matcha latte in a clear cup
Vegan Eggnog with Turmeric
Dec 22, 2021

Vegan Eggnog with Turmeric

Made with decadent coconut and cashew milk, fiber rich dates and leveled up with our Restore Superblend, this no-eggnog is the antioxidant-rich, im...

Matcha Double Chocolate Cookies
Dec 15, 2021

Matcha Double Chocolate Cookies

Aside from the chewy yet crumbly goodness of a cookie, these Matcha Double Chocolate Cookies are packed with ingredients to help satisfy and fuel y...

JOYÀ adaptogenic peppermint hot chocolate recipe at
Dec 12, 2021

Calming Peppermint Hot Chocolate

With blissful, adaptogenic Calm Superblend made extra rich and creamy with nut milk and tahini (or any nut butter will do) and a few drops of Peppe...

JOYÀ paleo pumpkin brownie recipe at
Dec 07, 2021

The Best Brownie Recipe Roundup

That's why with National Brownie Day around the corner, we knew we had to highlight one of our many brownie recipes. Little did we realize, we've c...


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