Sep 28, 2023

Best Mocha Recipes featuring Calm Superblend

Best Mocha Recipes featuring Calm Superblend

So what is a mocha anyway?

Well my friends, it is the meeting of two wonderful worlds. A match made in heaven. A classic combo. And just one of those scenarios where the "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

It's a perfect meeting of coffee and chocolate. Simple as it may be, the results are amazing. And here's why:

  • Both delicious. Duh!
  • Both rich in flavor. Flavor profiles taken from their terroir (fancy word for the environments they grew in), roasting methods and final preparation.
  • Both rich in plant polyphenols including antioxidants, along with minerals and vitamins
  • Both great on their own or with a dash of milk
  • Both release endorphins, aka make you feel happier :)

While both are bitter in the pure, unsweetened form, the two enhance one another to create perfect balance.

So of course we've used this flavor duo in a number of recipes over the years, with the cacao coming from our adaptogenic Calm Cacao Superblend with added stress supporting and immune balancing benefits — taking recipes from just mocha, to mighty mocha!

Keep scrolling for some of the best and easiest mocha recipes out there.

Classic Mocha Recipe 

We have to start this list with a classic mocha à la JOYÀ. The warming herbs and spices found in Calm Superblend perfectly enhance the cacao and coffee combination and the recipe couldn't be easier. 

  • Your everyday cup of coffee (drip, espresso, decaf, etc...)
  • 1 scoop of Calm Cacao Superblend
  • optional: milk of choice
  • optional: sweetener of choice 

Blend and enjoy! 

Adaptogenic Bliss Mocha

This is what we like to call an upgraded mocha. We have the traditional coffee + Calm Superblend base, plus the additional creaminess of MCT oil and homemade cashew milk. This Adaptogenic Bliss Mocha is perfection for fuelling the day ahead. 

Mocha Protein Shake 

Hydration, adaptogens, caffeine and protein in one delicious mocha recipe. Perfect in the morning, afternoon or after a workout, this Mocha Protein Shake is all-in-one mocha perfection. 

Mocha Smoothie 

This mocha smoothie is creamy and chocolatey, packed with nutrients from coconut butter, cashews, flax seeds and oats to keep you satiated, happy and ready for the day ahead. 

Iced Lavender Mocha

This iced lavender mocha takes you on an adventure to the south of France with fields of purple lavender leaving you feeling calm, supported and relaxed. 

Mocha Chia Pudding 

While a mocha is "traditionally" a beverage, we knew the Choc-Coffee-Combo would work perfectly in food form. This mocha chia pudding is filling, nutritious and super delicious, and great as a make-ahead breakfast or snack. 

Special Mention: Focus Functional Chocolate! 

We couldn't do a mocha roundup without mentioning this beauty. Our Focus Functional Chocolate boasts 60% cacao, with coffee and cognition supporting ginkgo biloba and adaptogenic rhodiola. This fan favorite bar is packed with 100% organic ingredients, antioxidants, and pure mocha magic.