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Young tattooed woman in yogawear stretching in her apartment beside a plant
ginger root
Nov 25, 2018

Food That Brings Us Joya: Ginger

If ginger is anything, it’s potent. For such a craggy and knobby root, its flavour knocks the wind out of you. Gingerol is the bioactive compound t...

A stack of warm brown cinnamon sticks against a black backdrop with a dried star anise pod.
Sep 28, 2018

Food That Brings Us Joya: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the great equalizer of sweet and spicy. The notable flavour is  believed to contribute to this spice’s many medicinal properties.

A spring green soup in a white bowl garnished with hemp seed sukkah and olive oil drizzle, with a silver spoon.
Sep 18, 2018

Food That Brings Us Joya: Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are one of the most nutritious seeds in the world. It’s hard to believe that they once had a bad rap in the Western Hemisphere.

Aerial view of a breakfast spread on a wooden table, including gluten-free and refined sugar-free scones, loaf, berries, honeycomb, grapefruit halves, figs, and coffee.
Sep 07, 2018

The Eating Well Glossary

From Adaptogens to Keto, Prebiotics and Sprouted. Find out what all those buzzwords mean. We break down the meaning of today's most common terms in...

Dates in a circular formation on a black backdrop, stuffed with various ingredients like nut butter, cheese, pickles, roasted tomatoes, and herbs.
Aug 28, 2018

Top Health Benefits of Dates

Dates — as in the commonly dried brown fruit with a pit — may not be very sexy at first, but trust us when we say they’re the dark horse of fruits.

Aerial shot of a plum and apricot cake in a baking pan sprinted with icing sugar.
Aug 17, 2018

Food That Brings Us Joya: Apricots

Although this fruit is often found dried, apricots are not just for your trail mix. These little bundles of yum are nutrient-packed.