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Young tattooed woman in yogawear stretching in her apartment beside a plant
Dates in a circular formation on a black backdrop, stuffed with various ingredients like nut butter, cheese, pickles, roasted tomatoes, and herbs.
Aug 28, 2018

Food That Brings Us Joya: Dates

Dates — as in the commonly dried brown fruit with a pit — may not be very sexy at first, but trust us when we say they’re the dark horse of fruits.

Aerial shot of a plum and apricot cake in a baking pan sprinted with icing sugar.
Aug 17, 2018

Food That Brings Us Joya: Apricots

Although this fruit is often found dried, apricots are not just for your trail mix. These little bundles of yum are nutrient-packed.

Half a coconut in front of five glasses of coconut milk, colored with beet root powder, matcha, turmeric, and spirulina
Jul 18, 2018

Food That Brings Us Joya: Coconut

Coconut is a superfood rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Its health benefits and versatility are why the coconut is so popular!

Homemade hummus made with tahini in a black bowl topped with white beans, chopped vegetables, and paprika, on a table setting with flat bread, wooden spoons, and chopped beets.
Jun 24, 2018

Talking Tahini:
all you need to know

It’s important to note that not all tahini is created equal. The finest tahini is made from Ethiopian seeds that have a high meat to oil ratio.

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