Feb 24, 2021

JOYÀ Superblends 101
Part 1: What They Are and Why Your Body Loves Them

JOYÀ Superblends 101 <br> Part 1: What They Are and Why Your Body Loves Them

This is the first post of a two-part series on JOYÀ Superblends. Here we explain what these synergistic, craveable supplement blends are, what makes them different from seemingly similar products, and how to use them. In Part 2, we’ll dive into the specifics of each of our blends, including their key ingredients, benefits and how best to enjoy them.


JOYÀ Superblends. You’ve seen them, you’ve craved them, and many of you have savored them. You’ve seen them mentioned countless times. But some of you have also asked “What EXACTLY are they?”  

That is a great question! One we are more than happy to answer, and in great detail too! These powerful, delicious and super versatile daily supplement blends are delicious on their own and a simple way to level up breakfast or a snack. Keep reading, and see for yourself.

What are JOYÀ’s Functional Superblends?

These herbal supplement powders are blends of powerful, medicinal herbs, mushrooms and spices. Each blend is adaptogenic and formulated to provide different “functional” benefits, such as supporting:

  • energy and helping prevent stress-induced fatigue
  • immune function
  • cognitive function
  • better sleep
  • digestive function, and more

 JOYÀ Superblends (Matcha, Cacao, Turmeric and Vanilla-Maca) are also vegan, paleo & keto-friendly. 

Why are Superblends considered “functional”? What does that mean?

Unlike “superfoods”, which are generally thought of as ingredients that are a particularly high source of nutrients, “functional” ingredients and products provide health benefits beyond just nutrition — they impact the actual functioning of the body.

JOYÀ Superblends are all “adaptogenic”. Adapto-what?

The term “adaptogens” refers to certain well-studied herbs and mushrooms that have been shown to:

  • help the body adapt to stress and provide a defense response to stress
  • help restore & maintain balance of (1) hormones, (2) the immune + nervous systems, and (3) the entire body’s functioning.

You can think of the activity of adaptogens as being similar to that of a thermostat. Just like a thermostat regulates a room’s temperature, preventing it from getting too hot or cold, adaptogens help maintain balance in our bodies when continuously subject to stress by enhancing the overall resistance of the body.

Are the Superblends instant lattes? How do you use them?

Countless ways! Our Superblends are super-versatile supplement powders that are easy to add to your daily routine. They’re not strictly for use as “instant lattes” as they don’t contain milk powder (more on that below), but they do make delicious lattes! 

  • blend with hot/cold milk to make a hot/iced latte
  • add to smoothies
  • add to your favorite foods: yogurt, oatmeal, chia pudding and more

How often should I use them to get the benefits?

If used occasionally, you’ll benefit from the nutrients and depending on the blend, certain functional benefits (e.g. alertness, antioxidants and digestive support).

However, the Superblends are herbal supplements, so in order to get their full intended benefit including adaptogenic support, consistent daily use is required. This is because: 

  • adaptogens strengthen your body’s resilience to stress over time (just like one workout won't make you fit - it's a cumulative effect)
  • this resilience doesn’t have “memory”, so daily use is needed to maintain this effect (just like you won't retain fitness level and muscle mass if you don't continue to exercise)

Are the Superblends sweetened?

Nope! Their mild natural sweetness is from the delicious herbs + spices, but we don’t add sweeteners so as not to dictate sweetness level for you. Many customers find the flavor perfectly balanced as-is, but you can add any sweetener of choice to your taste. 

We also didn’t want you to worry if you avoid certain sweeteners (e.g. cane sugar, stevia, erythritol)!

Some other latte blends contain milk powders. Why don’t JOYÀ’s?

Our Superblends are 100% pure. However, milk powders contain Maltodextrin, an artificially produced powder derived from starch (commonly corn, potato or tapioca) which is needed to prevent the powder from clumping. Plus, Maltodextrin has been shown to cause gastrointestinal symptoms, and can spike blood sugar levels.

Also, when enjoying our blends as a latte, since we all have different milk preferences, we’d rather let you use your milk of choice. And milk-free means you can add our Superblends to countless recipes!


JOYÀ Elixir blend 100% pure powders


Are the Superblends organic?

Our Superblends aren’t certified organic. However we use ONLY ingredients that are certified organic or wildcrafted (allowed to grow in the wild without human assistance — which is often superior to organic!), and are never lab-grown. The Elixir Blends are Non-GMO Project Verified.

We also independently test our products for pesticides, various heavy metals and microbes so that you can be confident about purity and quality.

How does JOYÀ ensure the Superblends are actually effective?

Great question, as using pure ingredients — and even ingredients with functional benefits — doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be effective! Our blends are:

  • formulated by health experts 
  • guided by centuries-old principles of herbal and traditional medicine
  • crafted with concentrated, potent botanical extracts (rather than simply whole ground herbs) that work synergistically to provide each blend’s benefits
  • contain an efficacious dose of each medicinal ingredient 

JOYÀ’s Superblends are labelled as “herbal supplements”. What does that mean?

Unfortunately, the functional food market sees little in the way of quality control standards, which is worrisome. But our mission at JOYÀ is to create effective products that you can trust.

When a product is regulated as a “dietary (or herbal) supplement”:

  • it must be independently lab tested to confirm maximum allowable levels of certain heavy metals and microbes
  • the manufacturer must follow specified operational regulations (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice) and be registered to manufacture dietary supplements
  • claims made about the product’s functional health benefits are regulated 

On the other hand, the requirements imposed on regular “food” products purporting to have medicinal properties are less stringent. 

Pro tip: Confirming with brands whether they independently lab test their functional products is always a great idea!