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Chocolate, but better.

Enjoy your fave treat, with zero junk and all the benefits for body + mind.


We fuel you with functional nutrition

From morning to night, whatever your lifestyle, JOYÀ Functional Chocolates + Superblends have got you covered.

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Brain + Body Boosting

Adaptogens that support you when you need it most: focus, energy, better sleep + more.

Science-backed, Chef-crafted

All the benefits for your body, zero compromise for your taste buds.

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100% Clean Ingredients

Non-GMO, organic ingredients. No added fillers, refined sugars or junk — ever.

functional chocolates

Chocolate, but better.

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Powered by adaptogens + functional herbs to boost body + brain.

Superfood chocolate packed with antioxidants, fiber, protein + magnesium.

No refined or fake sugars, dairy, soy or other junk — ever.

100% pure

No fillers or junk. Ever.

We couldn't find real chocolate — with benefits — so we created it.

  • NO dairy
  • NO soy
  • NO emulsifiers
  • NO refined sugar
  • NO fake sweeteners
  • NO erythritol
  • NO lecithin
  • NO palm oil

superblend lattes

Your daily latte, elevated with adaptogens.

Easily make your favorite coffee shop latte at home for just $2.50

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Packed with adaptogens + functional mushrooms to boost body + brain.

100% clean ingredients - no added fillers, gums or sweeteners.

Commitment issues?

Try all Chocolates + Superblends

Sips and snacks that'll help you tackle your day from morning to night.

Superblend Single-Serve Packets

Try all four blends for just $12.

Chocolate Sampler

Try all five chocolates for just $32.